7 Factors That Can Accelerate The Aging Of Your Skin

Skin is a living organ and it responds to all the intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Though aging is a natural process but everything you put into your body and expose your body to, changes the composition of your skin.


There are many factors which decide if you age gracefully or you are one of those people who age faster than their biological age. Knowledge is power; the more you know about factors that cause aging, more control you have over maintaining a healthy, youthful and a flawless skin.

1. Weight

Being either overweight or underweight can accelerate the aging process. Being unnaturally lean wards off the natural fats from your facial structure which makes the skin loose. Gain a few pounds to get back that younger, softer and wrinkle less face.

Usually fat people have a bouncy hydrated skin but as you age, structural rearrangements come into play and the evenly distributed plump skin shifts downward and becomes baggy. So, try to shed a few pounds.

2. Stress

Emotional distress is a good recipe for aging. Untreated depression, social isolation, long terms of unemployment, overwork are major causes of stress. A study published by Psychology Today stated that stress shortens the length of the DNA which compromises on their structural integrity and as a result, they live shorter, die quicker and at one point their ability to divide reduces as well.

Manage your stress levels. Take a cheat day from work, meet your friends, go for some recreational activities like bird watching, skiing, biking, hiking, rock climbing.

Take weekly massages and practice calm exercises like yoga and meditation which are known to reduce distress and anxiety.

3. Diet

Some foods help you retain a younger body while some others make you age faster. Foods that cause inflammation like refined flour, baked goods can create an environment inside your body which is anything but youth-friendly.

Your body isn’t comfortable in breaking down anything that isn’t in its natural form. Any of the baked and processed foods break down into “sugar” is an age inducing product.

4. Intoxicants

Excessive smoking and drinking depletes your body of essential nutrients. Smokers develop wrinkles and fine lines on their faces as smoking rips the oxygen from their skin.

Excessive drinking leads to discoloration of skin. Heavy drinkers have a poor muscle tone, broken blood vessels or spider veins.

5. Attitude

Training of the mind plays an important role when it comes to aging faster or slower. Happy people are usually younger-looking people. The more optimistic and joyful you are, the younger your face will appear. A happy face is absent of any wrinkles and scowl marks. It is because your face has spent most of its time in a relaxed state.

Perpetual anger and distress make a permanent home in the form of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. When your face constantly express sadness or anger, it turns into wrinkles and lines.

6. Daily Choices

All of you make daily choices which either curb or aid the aging process. Regular workouts can deter your aging process. Regular usage of harsh chemicals can add to aging as well. Choose a walk to de-stress over watching television. Take stairs instead of the lift. Avoid emotional eating. These tricks will help you turn back the clock. These simple choices work with your body’s rhythm and pay back in dividends beyond belief.

7. Sleep

Sleep is important to your skin health. If you sleep less than 7-9 hours, your skin is bound to look tired and distressed. Your skin doesn’t get repaired and restored if your slumber is disturbed.

Try to sleep for the recommended duration and try not to sleep on the same side of your face. Your face may age more rapidly because of this habit. You impend the circulation in your skin by this practice which make the creases permanent.

Cultivate a habit of sleeping on your back.

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