Busted: 6 Most Common Myths Related To Hair Fall!

If you have been experiencing hair fall then the first thing you need to know as to what is causing it and learn the myths surrounding hair fall.


1. Brushing =Balding

Brushing your hair and scalp actually increases the flow of blood in your hair follicles because of which they become activated and produce more hair. It cannot possibly make you bald unless you are yanking them out of your skull with a hair brush. However, you shouldn’t brush your hair immediately after a head wash as your hair is most susceptible to damage when they are wet.

2. Washing Your Hair Can Increase Hair Loss

You need to wash your hair at least 2-3 times a week in order to get rid of the accumulated dirt and grime. It will not cause hair loss. However, washing it more than 3 times a week can dry it out but it’s highly unlikely that you would lose hair because of washing it.

3. Experimenting With Hair Is A Big No-No

What is the point of having hair if you can’t even have some fun with them? You surely can experiment with them as long as you avoid over processing and take proper care of them. You should carry out a thorough research prior to opting any extreme treatment.

4. Hair Loss Doesn’t Affect Women

Some people believe that hair loss and thinning can affect both genders and at any age. There can be many reasons for hair fall.

5. Consuming Vitamins Would Affect Hair Growth

Your hair is a dead tissue, rubbing any vitamin or vitamin potion onto your scalp cannot affect your hair growth in any way.

Myths Related To Hair Fall!

6. Plucking One Gray Hair Would Result In Many Gray Hair Sprouting From Your Scalp

Melanin is responsible for the color of your hair. When your hair follicles stop producing this pigment then your hair turns gray or white. Plucking out a gray hair won’t result in 15 more. Don’t worry.

Be informed about hair fall and myths surrounding the same. It is important to know about the problem in depth before you start dealing with it.