How To Curl Your Hair Easily Without Heat?

courly hair-111Curls always look cool and flawless and suit all hair types, lengths and hair colors. But the heat from the iron bar or blow dryers can actually damage your hair and can lead to dull, rough, and frizzy hair. Fortunately, today, there are plenty of ways available in the market, by which you can get the desired curls and that too, without any harmful effects! Excited to know those easy methods?? Have a look:

  • Braiding For Getting Natural Waves: If you want soft curls or waves, then just braid your hair. All you need to do is to wash your hair and let them dry naturally. Now comb and part your hair in two parts. Make braids and keep it for overnight. Then what? Just loosen your hair and get all-natural curls!

  • Creating Roller Curls: You can get rollers from any beauty shop according to your hair type and length. For this, wash your hair and dry them. Then comb it and use these rollers according to the guidelines mentioned in your damp hair. Keep sectioning your hair and do the same until your head is covered with rollers. For better results, leave for overnight and then remove them in the morning. You will be amazed seeing your bouncy and curly hair.

Creating Roller Curls

#Note: You can get curls by performing the similar technique in other ways as well. You can get tight curls using T-shirts and headband. For T-shirt method, you need to cut your t-shirt into stripes and have to do the similar thing which you do with rollers. You can also try out the natural curls by making two small buns or by twisting your hair and keeping it for overnight.

So, next time, if you are thinking to get hair curls, try out some easy ways and get a salon like finish and an all-new look at home!