Splendyr Anti Aging Mask Reviews

When my mother gifted me Splendyr Anti Aging Mask on Christmas, I found it weird and surprising. She said she had used it and benefitted from it but I still didn’t agree to use it. Finally, I started using it and I liked it. Here is my personal experience for all of you.

About the Mask!

It is an anti aging solution which comes in the form of mask and promises to remove wrinkles in a period of 90 days. It claims to contain antioxidants and natural collagen boosting ingredients which work from within and sink deep into the layer to cure the source of wrinkles. The mask also promises to be effective on all skin types and helpsrejuvenate skin cells.

Splendyr Anti Aging Mask Ingredients

Vitamin C ascorbic acid
Collagen boosters
Moisturizing agents
Other antioxidants

How Does Splendyr Anti Aging Mask Work?

Vitamin C rejuvenates skin and breathes new life into the skin cells, revitalizing the skin
Collagen boosters help increase the tightness of the skin and increase cells elasticity to avert wrinkle formation
Moisturizing Agents helps moisturize skin and lock the moisture in so that the skin doesn’t feel dry

Antioxidants protect against free radical damage and shield the skin to keep it young and radiant

Why Do I Like it?

The simple reason is because I observed the improvement in my wrinkles. This mask promises wrinkle removal within 90 days but I could see the difference in my face within a month. It felt so creamy and soft on application and didn’t irritate my skin at all (sensitive skin alert). Moreover, my usual dry, pale skin felt and appeared more smooth and moisturized after peeling off the mask.

How Do you use it?

Follow you usual routine. Clean your face first and get rid of all the makeup and impurities. Then, take some amount of mask and pour it onto the skin. Let it dry and peel it off, then wash off with normal water. Repeat everyday as directed.

Pros of the Formula!

Safe alternative to Botox and surgery
Saves money on Botox, injective fillers
Enhances skin tone
Suitable for all skin types
Contains concentrated ingredients (in mask form)
Travel friendly packaging
Fast acting
Works well under the makeup (and without it too)


The cost is bit high (unfortunately, every anti aging cream-serum is costly)
No ingredients list

Where to Buy?

Splendyr Anti Aging Mask can be availed from its website where it is sold officially. You can also claim your trial pack from there.